2019 Cheer
Posted Aug 1, 2018


Coaches meeting followed by competition parent meeting on May 6th at the football storage shed.  Coaches arrive at 6:00 and Parents arrive at 6:30.  Anyone interested in hearing more about our fall cheer competition program should attend!!!!

Please contact Nina Stare with any questions at cheer_director@mburgwildcats.com

Cheer Practice
Posted Jul 24, 2018

Cheer Practice begins on July 9th at 6:00.  We will be practicing 3 days a week this summer!  Wednesdays will be group practice!!  

Posted Jun 18, 2018

REMINDER:  MMFA Cheer Accessory Sale is Tuesday, June 24 at St. Peter Lutheran Church (130 Nittany Drive).  Payment for accessories must be in the form of check or money order made payable to MMFA.  We cannot accept cash payments.

Prices for required accessories are as follows:

Jacket - $60

Briefs - $21 

Sneakers - $55

Maroon bow - $10 (One bow is included with your registration, but you may order extra)

Pink bow - $10

There will also be an optional rain jacket ($13) and glitter backpack ($60 + embroidery) for sale as well.

NOTE:  All accessories are new this year; however, the briefs are similar to last year.  So, if you are a returning cheerleader and your silver briefs from last year still fit and are in good condition, you may use those.  Otherwise, all accessories must be purchased.  All cheerleaders will also need black leggings and white no-show socks that you may purchase on your own.


Accessory orders will be taken at the following times:

Smurf @ 6:15PM

PeeWee @ 6:45PM

Pony @ 7:15PM

Midget @ 7:45PM 


If you are unable to attend the accessory sale, please complete the attached uniform measurement guide and contact Cheer Equipment Manager, Kate Connors ASAP: kathrynkitzy@yahoo.com.

Uniform Measurement Guide.pdf



2019 Varsity Game Schedule
Posted May 31, 2018

The 2019 Varsity Football game schedule is posted under Cheer Handouts.

2019 Cheer Coaches
Posted May 20, 2018

We are excited to announce our Cheer Coaches for the 2019 sideline season!  Contact information for your coaches can be found in the sideline handbook.


Kyrie Muffley 

Tia Singer


Katie Bricker

Aubrey Graeser


Aubrey Sippel 

Megan Ward


Kate Connors 

Maggie Deetz




Posted Mar 26, 2018

Registration for the 2019 Football and Sideline Cheer Season is now underway at http://www.mburgwildcats.com/registration

The Standard fee is $150* and includes a $20 deposit for both Volunteer hours and equipment that will be returned if the volunteer commitment is fulfilled and equipment handed back in on time and in good condition. Additional participants in a family pay $115 per player ($35 discount).

*Registrations received and paid by April 15 th receive an additional $20 discount per participant!


Sideline Cheer Practice begins July 9th!
Posted Mar 8, 2018

Here are some reminders as we begin the 2019 Cheer Season:

- Practices are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Memorial Park, beginning July 9.  Practice begins at 6PM.  Smurf practice ends at 7:30PM; all other teams end practice until 8PM.  

- Parents are asked to observe from a distance and keep dogs away from the practice area to minimize distractions.  If you do not plan to stay, please ensure your child is with your coach before you leave the park.  Parents must sign their cheerleaders out with the coach at the end of each practice.

- Practice may be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather. Check the website and Facebook for updates. Practice will end if it begins lightning or raining heavily. Teams will go to the nearest pavilion for pick up.

- Cheerleaders should wear comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers with ties.  NO JEWELRY.  Cheer sneakers are recommended, especially for flyers.  Hair should be pulled back securely.  Please remove all jewelry before coming to practice.  All cheerleaders should bring water and a towel for stretching.  Please ensure your cheerleader uses the restroom prior to practice.  Also, we recommend applying bug repellant as the mosquitos can be a nuisance.

- Copies of birth certificates are due to our Cheer Registrar, Casey Minnich, at the first practice.  Please direct questions or concerns regarding to Casey at: cheer_registrar@mburgwildcats.com.

- Lottery tickets stubs and payment are due at the first practice.  Please turn these in to your coach. 


Youth Night is
Posted Oct 1, 2017

MMFA football players and cheerleaders will be recognized during the high school football game on , and cheerleaders will have the opportunity to cheer along with the MASH Varsity cheerleaders.  Please let your coach know whether or not your cheerleader will participate. 

Participating cheerleaders should meet in the grassy area outside the stadium at Memorial Park, dressed in uniform, ready to cheer by 6PM.  Cheerleaders should not bring their entire duffle bag to this game as there is limited space for their belongings; however, they may wish to bring water. 

Game time is 7PM.  Cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted free.  Parents will need to pay admission and should plan to arrive early to get a seat.  

Each team will cheer one quarter with the high school cheerleaders as follows: 

1st Quarter: Smurf 

2nd Quarter: PeeWee and Pony

3rd Quarter: Midget 

Parents must pick up cheerleaders immediately after their designated quarter in front of the stands (where they cheer).  Please make contact with your coach when picking up your cheerleader so we know your child is safely with you.   

Midgets are invited to practice with the MASH Cheerleaders to learn some new material on Thursday, October 12th from 6-7PM at the MASH auxiliary gym.    

PeeWee, Pony, and Midget cheerleaders may wear uniforms to school Friday, October 13th. Smurf cheerleaders are not permitted to wear their uniforms to school.  Don't forget, cheerleaders are not permitted to eat or drink anything besides water while in uniform; therefore, it is essential that they have a t-shirt or jacket to wear during lunch at school and also at the high school game if they are planning to eat there.  Also, please use your judgment to determine whether your child can make it through the school day in uniform without getting dirty.  Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the condition of the uniform, and your cheerleader must have a clean uniform to participate in Youth Night.

The Halloween Parade is
Posted Oct 1, 2017

For the parade: cheerleaders and coaches will meet in front of the high school on  at 6:15PM.  The parade starts at 7PM. Pick up will be in the grassy area by the parking lot behind the high school at approximately 8PM.  More information regarding what to wear, and final arrangements regarding drop off and pick up will be sent out closer to the date. 

For all Peewees, Ponies, and Midgets who plan to participate in the parade, we will have practice at Memorial Park on Thursday, .  We need this time together as a group to ensure all cheerleaders know the chants that will be performed during the parade and can perform them while walking together as a group.  Smurfs do not attend parade practice as they will be riding in a truck rather than walking. 

2018-2019 Competition Cheer
Posted Aug 10, 2017

Registration for competition cheer will be open September 1st through September 8th.

Competitive cheerleading is a wonderful opportunity for your cheerleader to develop skills, form lasting bonds with teammates, and experience the excitement of competing as a team.  We encourage all cheerleaders, PeeWee through Midget to consider participation this year.  

We will hold tryouts on September 13th, from 6-8PM at Memorial Park, with the goal of forming two separate teams: a Youth team (12 and under) and a Junior team (14 and under).

Practices are set to begin in October.  Our Junior team will practice Mondays, 6-8PM and Wednesdays 7:30-9PM; our Youth team will practice Wednesdays, 6-7:30PM and Thursdays, 6-8PM. 

Competitions are usually held on Saturdays (possibly some Sundays) and will run from January through mid-April. Based upon feedback from previous years, we are exploring different venues this year.  We plan to participate in approximately 8 – 9 competitions, in Pennsylvania and Maryland, within a two-hour drive from Mechanicsburg.  One of these will be Reach the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland. 

We are so excited for the competition season, and can't wait to share this experience with you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nina at cheer_director@mburgwildcats.com.  


Cheer Announcements
Posted Aug 3, 2017

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us as we get closer to the start of the school year and our first football game.  Please note the announcements below and mark your calendars accordingly.

- Forms for game day program well wishes and buy lines are due August 11th.  This is a wonderful way to show support for your cheerleader.  Completed forms and payment are due no later than Friday, August 11.   More information can be found on our website: www.mburgwildcats.com/buy-lines

- Spirit Wear orders are due .  Our store can be found at www.kellysteamsports.com.  To find our store, select the "Team Stores" drop down menu and click on "Shop Your Store".  Our Webstore Password is: MMFA17

- There are multiple Back to School Nights for our local elementary schools on Thursday, August 17.  As such, Smurf, PeeWee, and Pony cheer practices have been rescheduled from Thursday, August 17 to Wednesday, August 16.  Please note: Midgets will keep their regular practice schedule (Tuesday and Thursday) that week.

- Picture Day is Saturday,  at Memorial Park Stadium.  Uniforms and accessories will be distributed during practices the week prior to pictures.  Picture forms will be distributed.

- Midget arrive at 12:45PM for pictures @ 1PM

- Pony arrive at 1:45PM for pictures @ 2PM

- PeeWee arrive at 2:45PM for pictures @ 3PM

- Smurf arrive at 3:15PM for pictures @ 4PM

- Our Pep Rally is scheduled for Friday, August at 7PM.  Cheerleaders should plan to meet at their regular practice location at 6PM in full uniform.  All cheerleaders will walk together as a group to the Pep Rally which will be held at the JV field.   

- Games begin Sunday, August !  Please be sure to mark your calendars with the 

- We are still seeking sponsors for the 2019 season.   More information regarding sponsorship packages can be found on our website at: www.mburgwildcats.com/fundraising

- We are currently finalizing plans for our 2019 Competition Cheer Season.  Information should be emailed out within the next week or so.   

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your coach.

Thank you, and GO WILDCATS!


Cheer Practices begin July 9th!
Posted Jul 5, 2017

Practices will begin Tuesday, July 9th and will continue Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00PM – 8:00PM at Memorial Park. (Smurfs will end at 7:30PM.)

Please be sure your cheerleader arrives on time and ready for practice. Parents are welcome to stay at the park during practice, but we ask that you observe from a distance to minimize distractions. If you do not plan to stay, please ensure your child is with a coach before you leave the park. A parent or responsible adult must initial a sign-out sheet with the coach at the end of every practice. Because the park can be quite hectic at times, this is our way to ensure that each cheerleader is picked up safely each night.

Cheerleaders should wear comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers with ties to practice. No jeans, jean shorts, or skirts. No sandals or slip on shoes. No jewelry of any kind. Hair should be tied back securely. All cheerleaders must bring water to every practice. Cheerleaders should also bring a towel to sit on during stretching. And, PLEASE be sure your cheerleader uses the restroom before practice.  

In the case of inclement weather, check the website (www.mburgwildcats.com) or MMFA Facebook page. We will do our best to make decisions regarding cancellations by 5:30PM. If it begins lightning or raining heavily during practice, teams will go to the nearest pavilion for pick-up.


  1. The mandatory lottery ticket fundraiser is due the first night of practice. Please have your completed ticket stubs and money in the form of a check made payable to MMFA ready to turn in. Because we have almost cheerleaders, it would be helpful if you could place your stubs and money in an envelope so that everything can be kept together.
  2. CFA forms (medical clearance) are due the first night of practice. The form is available on our website under Cheer Handouts. Please direct questions regarding CFA forms to our Cheer Registrar, Casey Minnich at cheer_registrar@mburgwildcats.com.
  3. If it is your first year with MMFA, we need a copy of your cheerleader’s birth certificate to place on file. Please bring a copy to the first practice and hand it in to your coach.  
2019 Cheer Coaches
Posted Apr 18, 2017

Cheer Coaches for the 2019 Football Season are as follows:


Kyrie Voght

Tia Singer


Katie Bricker

Aubrey Graeser

Lindsay Groff 


Aubrey Sippel

Megan Ward


Kate Connors

Maggie Deetz 

Youth Night at the MASH Football Game is
Youth Night is Friday at the High School Varsity football game! This event is not mandatory; however, it is a wonderful opportunity for our cheerleaders to cheer alongside the MASH cheerleaders under the Friday Night Lights! Unless we hear otherwise, we will assume all MMFA cheerleaders will participate in Youth Night. If you are unable to participate, please contact your coach to let her know.
For the event, cheerleaders should arrive and meet in the grassy area outside the stadium at Memorial Park, dressed in uniform and ready to cheer at 5:30PM. Our cheerleaders will practice alongside the high school cheerleaders prior to the game. The weather will likely be warm, so cheerleaders should plan to wear their skirt, shell, black boyshorts, cheer socks, cheer sneakers, and maroon cheer bow. Cheerleaders should not bring their entire duffle bag to this game as there is limited space for their belongings. The less they have to carry with them, the better.
Game time is 7PM. Cheerleaders and football players in uniform will be admitted free. Parents will need to pay admission and should plan to arrive early to get a seat. Each cheer team will cheer one quarter with the high school cheerleaders as follows:
1st Quarter: Smurf and PeeWee Varsity
2nd Quarter: PeeWee/Pony JV and Pony Varsity
3rd Quarter: Midget Varsity
Parents will need to pick up cheerleaders immediately after their designated quarter in front of the stands (where they cheer). This can be quite hectic getting all of the cheerleaders to their parents. Please make contact with your coach when picking up your child so we know she is safely with you.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jena at cheer_director@mburgwildcats.com. We can't wait to see our cheerleaders and players at Youth Night- it is always such a fun experience!
Spirit Wear Forms due TONIGHT!
Posted Jul 28, 2016

Reminder: Spirit Wear forms are due tonight for the sideline cheer store. Orders can also be placed online through Saturday. Don't miss out on your chance to get some MMFA cheerleading gear before the season starts! Items ordered from this store are scheduled for delivery in mid-August. If you want to submit a paper form to place your order, please bring it to practice tonight. 

Posted Jul 25, 2016

New uniforms have been ordered; however, we were advised there will be some late arrivals due to back-ordered items.  To ensure all cheerleaders have a uniform for picture day and the start of the season, we will distribute old uniforms to be used while we wait for the new uniforms to arrive.  To do this, we will need to have another uniform fitting for all cheerleaders.  We appreciate your cooperation as we handle this little bump in the road.  

The fittings will be held at the equipment building at the JV football field (adjacent to the Mechanicsburg Club).  As before, please have your cheerleader wear a swimsuit so she can easily try on uniforms.  Cheerleaders will leave this fitting with a uniform in hand.  This uniform will need to be cared for and returned, clean and undamaged, when the new uniforms arrive.  

Please note: uniforms will not be distributed to those cheerleaders who have not yet turned in their lottery ticket stubs/money.  If you have not yet turned in your lottery ticket money, please bring a check made payable to MMFA in the amount of $50 to the uniform fitting.

If you have any questions or absolutley cannot make the time designated for your cheerleader's team below, please contact our Cheer Equipment Manager ASAP: Kate Connors - 421-8525 - kathrynkitzy@yahoo.com.



Smurfs:  6:00 PM
PeeWee Varsity: 6:45 PM
PeeWee/Pony JV: 7:15 PM

Pony: 8:00 AM
Midgets: 8:45 AM


Posted Jul 20, 2016

As we gear up for the start of the football season, we will have a themed Spirit Night each Thursday at cheer practice. Cheerleaders are encouraged to show their spirit according to the designated theme for that night.  Small prizes will be awarded for the most spirited cheerleaders on each Spirit Night.  

Themes are as follows:

July : Team Color Night

Cheerleaders should show their team spirit by wearing their designated team color for the night.  Smurfs are PINK, PeeWee Varsity is GREEN, PeeWee / Pony JV is BLUE, Pony Varsity is PURPLE, Midget Varsity is RED.

July : Crazy Sock Night

Cheerleaders should wear their favorite pair of crazy socks to practice.

August :  Big Bow Night

Cheerleaders should wear their favorite cheer bow or other big hair bow.

August :  Crazy Hair Night

Cheerleaders should show their spirit with a crazy hairstyle.